Oh look, that Not So Good Reading Site Gives Me More Reason to Leave

I just got this delightful automated e-mail in my inbox this morning:


"Hi Angel,

Your review of JLA: Riddle of the Beast was recently flagged as self-promotional in nature. To clarify, reviews that simply link out to a blog post actually violate our review guidelinesAs your review does not discuss the book, it is no longer displaying on the community book page. We would suggest reviewing the book on Goodreads itself and simply linking to your blog at the bottom.
Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions about this.
The [Not so Good Reading Site] Team"
Yay! The mofos flagged me. So yea. I am guessing writing out my review on my blog and placing a few remarks with the link on their site is now a problem (been doing it for ages). And the review on the blog does actually discuss the book, but that would mean they would actually have to, oh, I don't know, follow the link and actually read it. No, I am not typing the whole thing again just for you guys. Fuck you!
I am assuming this is in light of their Amazon bullshit (since it was never an issue before that). Anyhow, I already made my move here, but it will give me incentive to finish moving stuff out over to the blog.