Ask a Mexican

Ask a Mexican - Gustavo Arellano The book has some slow parts, but most of it has some good humor. Maybe because I am Latino (but not Mexican; I am Puerto Rican), I was able to appreciate some of the humor more. There are some things that Latinos, no matter which part of Latin American, say and do universally. The best part of the book were the short question and answer questions. I could read through those pretty quickly. Some of the longer essay segments were hit and miss. Some were interesting; others were a little on the slow side. Yes, the book deals with stereotypes. That is part of the humor. If you are easily offended or sensitive, this may not be for you. But if you can laugh, sometimes at the author and his stories, other times with the author and his stories, then you will probably like this book. The real strength of the book lies in the fact that in addition to using humor and jokes, he actually teaches you something. Arellano is knowledgeable and well-read when it comes to his culture, and he shares that in the book along with the jokes. From discussing spiritual beliefs of mother goddesses to La Raza Cosmica, you get a small preview of Mexican culture and history along with the humor. You do learn something while you laugh.