Girls Who Score: Hot Lesbian Erotica

Girls Who Score: Hot Lesbian Erotica - Ily Goyanes, Cheyenne Blue, Sinclair Sexsmith, Gina Marie, Delilah Devlin I finished reading this anthology last night. It is a lesbian erotica collection with a sports and female athletes theme. Jocks do have a prominent presence, so I will admit I was a bit skeptical as jocks are not always my thing. However, there is no need to worry. This anthology features 16 stories by authors presenting tales of various female athletes and the women who admire and crave them, or the female athletes who admire and crave other women. I think readers who enjoy the themes of sports and female athletes will find something appealing in the variety of takes on the female athlete: soccer, tennis, swimming and hockey are some of the sports represented in the anthology. There are also boxers, ice skaters, and even classical era female gladiators. As for the sensual element, you will find tales that go from sweet to very hot and heavy to no holds barred sex. I can say that some stories left me wanting more, and that is a good thing. Some stories worked for me better than others, but overall this collection's stories are smart and well-written. Let me take some time to comment on some of the stories that I really liked: * Gina Marie's "Blood Lust" was the story of the female boxers. It was a sensual story. It also had a small twist where I thought the story would take one direction. Instead, the story went in a different and very delicious route. This was one of my favorites. * Ily Goyanes, the anthology's editor, gives us the story of an athlete and an artists in "No, Tell Me How You Really Feel." I really appreciated how Goyanes, largely using the artist's point of view, set up the contrast between the two women and led us to a hot and erotic scene. It build up a lot, but when it got there...oh boy! This is a tale that left me wanting more. * Kiki De Lovely's "Facing the Music" about a lesbian couple attending a high school reunion was amusing. I think readers who have faced this prospect of attending a high school reunion will relate, especially if the idea is not the most appealing thing. For me, the story worked because the characters fall within my generation, so some of the pop culture references made me feel at home. This story does feature a very nice, quick and hot scene that makes it well worth it. * And I definitely have to mention Paisley Smith's "Cymone's Dominatrix." I was not expecting a story about female gladiators in some ancient time given all the other stories are more contemporary in setting. I am glad the editor included it. If you like some kink, some dominance and submission between strong females in a very hot, sensually charged setting, then this is the story for you. Add to it that the tale is very well-written with a lot of detail, and you can see this story is not just an erotic story; it is a well-crafted fantasy. As for the tale's end, all I will say is it reminded me of Frank Stockton's short story "The Lady or The Tiger," and I mean that as a compliment. Overall, if female athletes are your thing, if you fantasize about that strong, confident female at the gym or the soccer field, or maybe you find ice skaters hot, this is a collection for you. (In compliance with FTC rules, also known as keeping The Man happy, I disclose this book was provided to me by the publisher for review purposes).