The Ultimates Vol. 1: Super-Human

Ultimates: Super-Human 1 - Mark Millar, Brian Hitch This book was simply amazing, and I will definitely be looking up the rest of this series now. Only thing, if it can be an issue, is that Marvel is making the setting contemporary. On the one hand, it is a strength as it allows them to make certain commentaries on current events, but in the other, I could do without little things throwing it off like an appearance by George W. (who even in the comic looks foolish). That aside, this is an excellent storyline. The art is very good as well, and for me it was something I enjoyed a lot. Overall, I highly recommend this. Great start to what looks like a great series. And I also think casual readers will enjoy it. It is very accessible if you are not a fan of Marvel comics. If you are, you will enjoy this as well.