Legal Drug, Vol. 1

Legal Drug, Volume 01 - CLAMP It was an alright manga, but not great. The plot was a bit difficult to follow at times, mostly because the authors is keeping everything very vagues. Yes, you know Kudo works for the drugstore, but he is really there to do special assignments. You know he has a psychic gift. I think there are some small details that would likely clarify things more, but they are left out. However, if you stick with the book, it does get interesting. Only negative for me was Kudo's hatred of his roommate. OK, the guy really is pretty much an a**hole, but this comic device does get old. I suppose it may work better on younger readers. Overall, the cliff hanger ending has made me curious enough to go read it. And I may reread this one again, just to see if things become a bit more clear.