Incredible Hulk: Planet Hulk

Hulk: Planet Hulk - Greg Pak, Aaron Lopresti, Carlo Pagulayan, Juan Santacruz I have written before in my blogs and here that I am a casual comic book reader. I don't really get into the minutiae of continuities, issues and editions, so on when it comes to comics. I just look for stories I like, and I go with that. This is definitely a story I liked, and I liked it a lot. If you have not read Hulk comics for a while, or all you know about The Hulk is the 80s or so series with Lou Ferrigno, then you are in for some changes. In essence, the Hulk has pretty much taken over, keeping the personality of David Banner in the background. As a result, The Hulk now moves and lives as he wishes. If you are a comics nerd or you read more than I do in this genre, you know that already, but casual readers may not know this. Anyhow, that is about the only small detail to keep in mind. The nice thing about this series, again, for a casual reader, is that you don't really need a whole lot of background. Sure, if you wish to explore the storyline that led to the events of Planet Hulk, you can do so, but the story stands on its own. And I will say it is an epic story. Sure, this may not be anything new. If you have read the Conan stories, or even seen the movies with Arnold Schwarzenegger, then the basic plot of the slave rising to be king is not new. However, we have the Hulk as the rising hero, and that makes all the difference. The author and artist do a really good job of taking this plot and creating something new with it, something that definitely gives us insight into the Hulk character and shows us how the character can grow. Plus this is a great adventure story with good drama thrown in for measure as well. For me, this is one of the best books I have read this year so far. The art is very good as well, and odds are good you may want to reread it. In addition to collecting the individual comic book issues that make the storyline, the volume includes supplementary material on the world where the story takes place as well as on some of the other characters. This material does enhance the work. The book does lead to the next series, World War Hulk, but as I said, it does stand on its own. In terms of appeal factors (this goes to librarians), comic book readers who like The Hulk will like this. Casual readers looking for something different will probably enjoy it, and in terms of read-alikes, it works well with works like the tales of Conan the Barbarian. By the way, it is very engaging. Once you start, you probably will not want to put it down. It has a very fast pace, and I read it during a nice Sunday morning. I highly recommend it.