The Books of Magic

The Books of Magic - Neil Gaiman, Paul Johnson, Scott Hampton, John Bolton, Roger Zelazny, Charles Vess This was pretty good, but there were some moments when it felt a little "long in the tooth." The point of the graphic novel, which actually collects a four-issue story, is to introduce Tim Hunter, a young 12-year old boy to the world of magic. He has the potential to be a great magician someday, but he has to choose to follow the path. He has four guides who will show him parts of the path along the way. If you like myth and fantasy, this is a book for you. Don't expect a lot of action; there is not that much of that. It is a lot of exposition, which is why I liked it, but I don't love it. I will add that the art of the book is excellent overall, and it goes along with the story very well. Overall, the set serves to set up Tim's future adventures. It is written by Neil Gaiman, so you can be assured it is well written and good stuff, but as I said, it is mostly an expository piece. By the way, readers who enjoy this book would probably enjoy Alan Moore's Promethea, which has a very similar feel to this book. Moore's work does have some action to it.