Delphine - Richard Sala I was going to tag this for my horror shelf, but it is not quite horror. It is more dark fantasy, and a mystery at that perhaps. It is the tale of some guy who falls in love with a mysterious girl. When the girl vanishes, he goes out to find her. What he finds in her town is a nightmare that threatens to envelop him from rude and hostile strangers to a very dark forest. The tale does have the makings of a good, dark fairy tale, but the author goes back and forth between dreams and reality to the point that it is just confusing. The ending seems to take us back to the beginning, leaving us wonder just who we were following. I honestly did not get into the tale because it just seemed to be one big sinkhole. The reason I liked this book was the art, which is very well made and very suited to the darkness of the tale. If nothing, the book can be read in one sitting, but aside from that, I will say this is one to borrow, not buy.