Booknote: Battle Pope, Volume 3

Battle Pope, Volume 3: Pillow Talk - Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, Cory Walker

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After the events in the previous volume, Pope and Jesus are homeless. However, they soon find a new place to live along with the tenants of the previous building they lived in, who ended up homeless as well. Jesus and Pope are getting along slightly better as roommates. Meanwhile, Agnes, Pope's old landlady, keeps hitting on him, and if that was not enough, Pope has a crush on a female demon named Brenda. Could Brenda be true love for Pope at last? The volume also features a Christmas holiday edition, and the Virgin Mary drops by to visit her son for his birthday.

Pope continues to blast evil demons when he can, and he does get with the ladies as much as possible. Though the volume is not as humorous as previous ones, it is still amusing, and it does have some funny moments. The art is definitely a great reason to pick this up, and Image's restoration in full color makes this comic pop. The comic also features a short introduction by Chris Piers, and it also has a sketchbook so you can see early drafts and how the comic was developed. Overall, it was a fun read. As I've said for previous volumes, this is not a comic for young kids given violence and some very adult situations.