The Role of the Library in the First College Year (First-Year Experience Monograph No. 45)

Role Of The Library In The First College Year - Larry L. Hardesty I got it via Interlibrary Loan. This book is similar to Rockman's Integrating Information Literacy into the Higher Education Curriculum, which I also read and have on my list here. However, I think this one is designed to be a bit more practical whereas the other one has more theory. Most instruction librarians, FYE librarians, and information literacy librarians, and their administrators, will want to read this. However, those with experience will likely have encountered much of the information in this book already. Still, the book does give a good overview of the issues, and in the first three sections, the chapters include recommendations as well. Often appendixes featuring sample handouts or other materials are provided as well. The book is basically a collection of essays by various authors, so you can mostly pick and choose what to read based on need and/or interest. Some items of interest: **Chapter 4 provides some models of First Year Experience (FYE) instruction programs. There is a list of recommendations as well as appendixes with sample assignments. **Chapter 7 focuses on the FYE librarian position. It looks at the common traits of this type of job. It draws from interviews with 14 librarians in such positions. I will say that if I was back in the market, this would be the type of job I would seek. My previous work as instruction librarian dealt extensively with first year students; basically, I did not have an FYE title, but a lot of my job would have been an FYE job. Look also at the recommendations on making the FYE position successful.