Promethea (Book 3)

Promethea, Vol. 3 - Alan Moore, J.H. Williams III, Mick Gray Sophie's adventures as Promethea continue as she goes deeper into the Immateria. Meanwhile, there is a replacement back on Earth, but she is a bit more aggressive. Only reason I did not give this five stars is that this particular volume is a bit heavy on the Kabbalah and mystical references. I find them interesting, but Moore does lay them a bit thick at times. I think some readers may not be as interested as I am. Like previous volumes, this is one I will probably have to reread just to get all of it. The art on this is very good overall; some of the pages though are meant to be read sideways or upside down, so that threw me off a bit, but then you get used to it. It helps to immerse you in the story. If you like symbols, mythology, exploring imagination, so on, then you will definitely enjoy this. It may make you want to go read some more on mythology and related topics. I know I have a need to go read a bit more on Kabbalah, and that is likely a good thing; the book encourages one to seek more knowledge and learning. A good story, and one that leaves you wanting more. I am definitely continuing the series.