Steampunk - Jeff VanderMeer, Ann VanderMeer, Joe R. Lansdale, Molly Brown, Ted Chiang, Paul Di Filippo, Rachel E. Pollock, Stepan Chapman, Neal Stephenson, Jess Nevins, Rick Klaw, Bill Baker, Michael Moorcock, James Blaylock, Mary Gentle, Jay Lake, Michael Chabon, Ian R. MacLeod I think for me two and a half stars would be more accurate, but that option is not available. A couple of the stories were good, but others were only so-so. A good thing in this anthology is the opening essay which provides a nice introduction to the genre. That was informational and useful. Compared to Extraordinary Engines, which I also read and which is often compared to this book, this one did not seem as good; the pacing seemed a bit slow for me. However, the stories are pretty rich in terms of detail, so if you are looking to immerse yourself in the steampunk genre, this works. Overall, it was ok. I liked the Lansdale story well enough, which gives a nice twist to H.G. Wells. I won't say more.